AI Travel Assistant

this AI assistant was designed specifically to help you with travel planning. It uses only top spots with hundreds of reviews and it can plan your entire experience in minutes.

You won’t need another travel app

It’s the only travel app you’ll ever need starting from now
Sounds too bold, right?

And you want some proof We got some

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Now you have a personal travel assistant, you fancy pumpkin

Meet tripmaker. He's always gonna be with you. In your good days, and in your bad hair days. Tripmaker is your personal AI-powered travel assistant. He is a triple threat: he asks good questions, he really pays attention to your answers, and he finds the best travel options just for you.
Oh, and he is strikingly handsome
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Now ‘traveling on a budget’ sounds not that bad at all

Look, if you're rich, you can skip this paragraph. Of course, Tripmaker will find you the most dope hard luxe experience you've ever wanted. Now back to our normal fellows. Chin up, tripmaker will get you the best and fast flight options, restaurants, museums, tickets to that weird musical they highly recommend, and sea-view rooms, oh those sea-view rooms.
Just set up your budget, and Tripmaker will take it from here
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Now your map is all about you

Everything you want to see, everywhere you want to eat, and every panoramic view you’ll later set as your screensaver are neatly seen on your personal map. There’s more. Wait till you see all of those places line up in the most effective route you could ever imagine.
If you’re up for some detour, no worries. We’ll adjust
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Now ‘planning’ doesn’t mean ‘headache’ anymore

Life is already a complicated puzzle to solve. Traveling should be painless and easy from the very moment you start planning it. So be it. Now all your travel activities settle cozily in one app.
So, you’ll never lose a ticket or a temper when trying to remember that damn ice-cream cafe everybody was talking about
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Now let’s book the hell out of this app

There are two types of people: the ones who book hotels first, and the ones who start with the tickets. We don’t take sides. You do you, and we’ll just make sure that you get the best options. Or you can always start by booking a restaurant.
Tripmaker will offer you some dope options. He’s got a nose for this stuff

How to use Tripmaker

2 minutes, a couple of taps, and you're good to go
Trip step #1

Tripmaker will ask you some questions

You'll answer them

Then simply set your budget for food, entertainment, transportation, etc

Trip step #2

Give Tripmaker some time

Trip step #4

Oh, your travel itinerary is ready

Easily switch between timeline, map, or list mode. Whatever you prefer. No judgment

Then book your flight. Easy

Or book your hotel. Easy
Trip step #5
Trip step #6

Finally, you can make changes to your itinerary any time you want

A little detour never hurt nobody
Try us

Oh, You may wonder where the hell are Paris and Rome.

Look, we only started. And before we go big we want to start locally, in the US of A. And it has a lot to offer, isn’t it?